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Intro to Metal Clay with Delia of Phoenix Magyk

Posted April 27th, 2015

In this fun, informative workshop hosted by Delia of Phoenix Magyk you’ll learn the basic techniques for working with precious metal clay. Even if you have never created jewelry before, you will be inspired by how easy it is to make striking pieces with metal clay. In this class you will learn to produce a pendant from silver clay. We will design, texture, fire and finish the piece.


The next offering of Intro to Metal Clay is Sunday, May 17th with a registration deadline of May 11th. Sign up today before the class fills up! Follow this link to register.

The registration fee includes instruction, handout, pack of clay, one small gemstone and use of any and all necessary tools and materials to complete the project. You need only bring water and eye magnification if that is useful to you.

Fabulous Fridays are Coming to CRAFTED

Posted April 26th, 2015


Who likes to party? We do! That’s why we’re hosting Fabulous Fridays, a new monthly shindig at CRAFTED where we stay open later to have all kinds of fun.

Beginning May 8th and continuing every second Friday after that, CRAFTED will be staying open until 8 p.m. with artist activities mixed in with fantastic handmade shopping. Fun + Fantastic = Fabulous, and that’s why we’re calling them Fabulous Fridays.

Fabulous Fridays start off strong on May 8th with one of the San Pedro Art Association’s legendary Art Mixers with food and beverages, while the professors from the Read on Till Morning shop bring Harbor College Poetry Night to CRAFTED for the first time.

It’s bound to be super fabulous time, we hope to see you here!

Mother’s Day Guide 2015

Posted April 26th, 2015

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it’s time to think about spoiling those wonderful women in our lives who mean so much to us. Whether she’s your mom, nana or like a mother to you, CRAFTED has the perfect gift to show her exactly how special she is. Let Mom know she raised you right by getting her something handmade from CRAFTED.

Take Five with the Chori-Man, Humberto Raygoza

Posted April 22nd, 2015

CRAFTED is always buzzing with activity, so “TAKE FIVE” gives us a chance to take a break and learn a little bit about the artists who make the market great!

1. How was chorizo a part of your life growing up?
Chorizo was an every weekend affair. There was always chorizo being made on one side of the house, and chorizo hanging from the rafters on the other. There was always chile to clean after homework, and before going out to play. I’d sit on a bucket for an hour, and clean every single chili pod by hand emptying and removing seeds and tails. Tedious tasks when making proper chorizo, but it taught me a lot about dedication and craftsmanship.

2. How did you get into making your own chorizo?
My skills in making chorizo came from the Raygoza family on my father’s side. Over the years, my dad helped me master the art through a lot of trial and error – and even arguments at times – but always great lessons. When I was a boy I would be sent to Mexico for vacation, and my aunts and uncles all owned butcher shops, and that’s where I would spend most of my time. I learned to see it as an art, because they were so meticulous, passionate and skillful. I knew it was something I wanted to master, and take to the next level.

3. Where do you get your inspiration for all of your different recipes?
To be quite honest, from all the people that I meet who buy chorizo from me. The most rewarding and inspirational moments I experience are when they take a bite of a taco or choripan and tell me that’s exactly the way they remember it being when they were kids in their native countries. I enjoy hearing customer after customer say, “This is exactly how my grandma or grandpa use to make it! I haven’t had chorizo like this in a very long time.” In tying together all their stories and descriptions of what they used to eat, I begin to create new and savory recipes while always honoring that home-cooked legacy.

4. What makes your chorizo special?
The quality of the meats and spices. I don’t use any fillers in any of my chorizos. You won’t find preservatives or pig ears in my products. I spice my own vinegars, and grind spices fresh for each batch. My spices are always bought whole, never ground. I tie everything by hand, I mix it with my own hands the old school way, with a long wooden paddle. I don’t believe in cutting corners, and I plan to keep it that way.

5. What has been your favorite part of joining the CRAFTED marketplace?
The store owners are the greatest community I’ve been a part of. It really almost feels like a family. The customers are also amazing! They always stop by my tent to say “hi!” or to express how much they liked the food. I already have regulars who have their favorite item to order. You begin to incorporate other artisans’ products into your own stuff, too! Like from Lara, of Green Girl Farms, who has been amazing in providing fresh herbs and veggies right from the vegetable garden she runs at CRAFTED. I use them to create sides, or sautés to top my Chori-Panes. I’ve really enjoy being a part of Crafted, so thank you everyone!

Construction Update: Wrapped & Raring to Go!

Posted April 22nd, 2015

From the first announcement that Brouwerij West would be opening in Warehouse 9 at CRAFTED, everyone has wanted them open yesterday! So we’re excited to share some of the construction progress made recently towards getting the brewery opened for all to enjoy.

construction update brewery brouwerij west crafted

Looking good, guys!

The most visible changes are happening on the outside of the warehouse that will house the brewery. The biggest game changer was getting a new roof on the vintage, 1940s-era warehouse. That set off a domino effect of construction for the whole project. Next was getting the whole building wrapped in Tyvek and installing the new wood siding panels.All the fun stuff is going on inside the warehouse where the future brewery and tasting room will be. There was some literal groundbreaking that needed to be done to install some plumbing and drains.

construction crafted brewery brouwerij west

Brouwerij West’s mascot, Cloudy the Great Dane, supervising trenching where the brewing tanks will be installed.

Pretty soon there will be even more to see and do when you visit CRAFTED. You’ll be able to grab a cold beer along with enjoying a day of shopping, taking a creative class or crafting. “Yesterday” is almost upon us so keep a close eye on your inbox for invitations to preview opportunities and the grand opening. We look forward to toasting with you soon!

Handmade in South Bay Spring Boutique Preview

Posted April 21st, 2015

We’re so excited that our friends Handmade in South Bay are coming back to CRAFTED to celebrate their 2nd Annual Spring Boutique this Saturday, April 25th! Handmade in South Bay is a group of handmade only entrepreneurs who have banded together to support their fellow crafters and promote the buying handmade movement.

HMSB blends in so well with all the wonderful shops that call CRAFTED home. Here’s just a taste of the nearly 40 other vendors they will be bringing with them. If you want a list, you can find it here.

Bee-sides great shopping, there will be demonstrations, DJ Ozzie will be providing some tunes and our very own Lara Hughey of Green Girl Farms will be giving a class on creating a bee friendly garden.

As you can see there is a distinct bee theme going on. That’s because a portion of the proceeds from the boutique will go to benefit Honey Love, a non-profit group of urban beekeepers that want to save the honey bee and promote urban beekeeping. Part of Handmade in South Bay’s mission is to support community organizations. The bee theme is also in honor of Earth Day and the CRAFTED logo, which has a bee in it to represent that the warehouses are home to a community of makers.

So come out and check out our wonderful market full of vendors and the amazing group that’s coming to play with us this Saturday. It’s going to be a fabulously full house!

Take Five with Scott Aicher

Posted April 15th, 2015

CRAFTED is always buzzing with activity, so “TAKE FIVE” gives us a chance to take a break and learn a little bit about the artists who make the market great!


Scott Aicher is a wonderfully talented local San Pedro artist with ties to all facets of art cultures in Southern California, including Kustom Kulture, punk music and comics. With over 25 years in the art biz, Scott has worked in many different industries and had some really cool jobs. We could only ask him 5 questions, but we’re sure he has some pretty great stories to tell.


1. What’s your earliest creative memory?

My first creative memory is actually my earliest memory. In the 60’s, I was still a baby and my family was living in an apartment with my Grandma. It was Halloween and my uncles showed up dressed like Batman and Robin. I remember those colors vividly and being drawn to them.

2. What is your favorite part about making art?

The solitude and peacefulness. Making art is really therapeutic for me.

3. How do you stay inspired?

Buying art books. They’re the only thing I spend my money on. Art books is how I got my art education. Besides that, going to comic-cons and comic book stores, or art supplies stores. There’s nothing more inspiring than a blank canvas. I’m also getting back into collecting Japanese vinyl toys. My dream is to go to Japan and go shopping for toys over there.

4. What’s your favorite medium to work in?

Acrylic paint and pen and ink. When I got back into painting, my mom saw that I was only painting in primary colors so she took me to the art store and told me to fill up my basket with any color but those three. She told me that her favorite color was alizarin crimson. It’s become one of my staples.

5. We know you’ve had some really interesting projects over the years. Tell us about one that not many people know about.

My best friend from high school got me a part-time job working at Varner Inc. sculpting toys. This was in the late 80’s, early 90’s. I worked on the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, Happy Meal toys, the Silver Hawks and Thunder Cats toys. My nephew was a huge Ninja Turtles fan and he did a report on me because I was his hero for working on the toys. He won’t let me forget about it!

Check Out Scott’s New Space
Visit Scott’s Pop Kustom Shoppe in its new location, shop 151. He’s got some great new t-shirts!

Tiki & Tropical at CRAFTED

Posted April 15th, 2015

Dreaming of an island getaway? Sun-kissed days marked with warm breezes and a cool drink while swaying in a hammock strung between two lazy palm trees sounding good? Let the artisans of CRAFTED transport you to tropical locales with great tiki and tropical inspired items that evoke an idyllic island spirit (without the hours-long plane ride).

Flower Picking Through Crafted

Posted April 9th, 2015

Spring is the season of new life and the blossoms are blooming all around us, especially in the marketplace! The days are starting to get longer and longer leading into summer and the weather is perfect for some luxuriously lazy flower picking. Follow us on our way through CRAFTED as we search for buds of all shapes, sizes and mediums. You can find our freshest picks below.

Meet the “Pop Down” Featured Artists

Posted April 9th, 2015

We’re only a week away from the opening reception for “Pop Down to the Port”, a very special pop up gallery show at CRAFTED on April 18th. The excitement is building here at CRAFTED as the preparations are being made and the artwork is getting moved in. Now would be a great time to get a little more acquainted with the six talented artists being featured in the show.


Kelly Reid
Kelly ReidCRAFTED is so proud of our very own Queen of Vintage, Kelly Reid. Kelly is a master of vintage furnishings and textiles. She’s been designing and selling retro pieces and inspired textiles from her shop, The Vintage Stop, for over 20 years.









Jennifer Blue
Jennifer BlueJennifer Blue has been working in the fashion industry for over 15 years. Her provocative collages blend images to create a completely new narrative.










Dawn Marie Forsyth
Dawn Marie ForsythDawn Marie Forsyth is a fine artist and long time arts educator. Dawn’s work focuses on paying attention to the balance between limitations and being limitless through the play of constructed proportion, shape, and texture.









Patsy Johnson
Patsy JohnsonSix years ago Patsy Johnson made her first quilt and fell in love. Soon after she left her career in banking and insurance to pursue her passion full-time and never looked back. Patsy loves the modern quilting movement and her dynamic quilts show the influence.








Graham Moore
Graham MooreGraham Moore has come a long way from his first design gig in Covent Garden. He arrived in Los Angeles in 1991 and quickly became part of the design education community, teaching at the Art Institute, Woodbury University, FIDM and UCLA Extension. His retro inspired designs and textiles will definitely transport you back in time and set the mood for the show. Graham also designed the logo for the show.

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