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Tribute to the Beatles: Photo Gallery

Posted January 29th, 2013

Missed the show? Have no fear, our photos are here! You may not be able to hear the music.. but you can certainly feel the mood of the event… FUN.

If you WERE at the event.. see if you can find yourself in some of these photos.

Thanks for coming,



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    New Vendor Spotlight – February

    Posted January 26th, 2013

    We would love to welcome the amazing new artists and vendors to our CRAFTED family! Be sure to visit their stalls and say hello!

    First up….

    Krazy Korner – Market Stall A147

    Creepy ghoulish faces hand painted on glass. Nightmarish monster art that can make your skin crawl. Amazingly colorful glasswares are all at Krazy Korner. Los Angeles artist Keith Schafer, dreams up these designs that you will have to see to believe. Krazy Korner also has a great selection of unique bags, wallets and pillowcases for sale. Check them out!

    Bohemian Rags – Market Stall A202

    Bohemian Rags makes beautifully designed bohemian bags, blankets, candles and more. Perfect for the California girl and the California girl at heart, you will be sure to find a handmade creation that is both chic AND comfortable. Every girl needs a little color, suede, leather and print – you’ll find all of this and more at the new market stall, Bohemian Rags.

    KidTyme  – Market Stall A150

    Kidtyme offers a variety of stylish baby items from bibs to blankets to burp cloths. You have to see the ISpy bags they offer! These ISpy bags are a great educational toy that children are falling in love with.  Come to Kidtyme for a demonstration of the ISpy bag. When you purchase an ISpy bag, you get a  printed list of different ways to use the bag with your child. They also have barrettes and barrette holders. Check out the greeting cards. There are cards for all occasions including upcoming holidays.


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      Sweet Gifts

      Posted January 26th, 2013

      This Valentine’s Day, shopping handmade means shopping from the heart. We’ve been browsing the market for the sweetest gifts we could find, and have included some special ones in our February gift guide. Show our vendors some love by shopping local for your love. Click through this guide for inspiration!


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        Make Your Heart Out Craft Marathon

        Posted January 24th, 2013

        Get your heart racing for our Valentine’s Day craft marathon! Bring your family for a day to celebrate all things crafty, gift-worthy and from the heart. Our lovely vendors are hosting Valentine’s and Mardi Gras themed make-and-takes all day long. Visit our Creation Station to take part in all the fun.

        Make Your Heart Out

        Craft Marathon

        Sunday, February 10

        Here’s our schedule :

        11am: Mome Rath Garden, Valentine’s Day Card, $3

        12pm: Belandaria Designs, Ribbon Wrap Bracelet, $7

        1pm: Nagare, Scrabble Pendant Necklace Charm, $7

        2pm: The Art Spot, Shrinkee Dink Earrings, $5

        3pm: Meriebabie, Bookmarks for your bookworm, $5

        4pm: Honey&Ollie, Leather & Bead Wrap Bracelet (great for Mardi Gras), $10


        11am-4pm: Cha Cha Covers: Nails By Design will be offering a free set of nail decals with any $20 purchase in ANY one vendor booth. Application of nail decals will be available in our Nail Bar for $14.


        12pm-6pm: Wine & Beer by Off The Vine


        2-5:30pm: Live Music By Bernie Pearl

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          Mommy and Me Valentine’s Day

          Posted January 23rd, 2013

          Friday, February 1, bring your little one into CRAFTED for a wonderful Valentine’s Day Celebration.

          The Art Spot, market stall A179, will be making art and picture frames from 11:30-1pm in our Creation Station for $5.

          Art of Life Studios, market stall A133, will be making heart shaped hand printed stone art for $10 at 12am. *Time Change update from 11am to 12pm – noon!

          In the afternoon visit our Creation Station for Mommy and Me card making and hand print heart shaped art with our new Craft Coordinator and artist, Lindsay!

          KIDTYME, Market Stall A150, will be offering a fun, interactive demo of their ISPY children’s game in their booth!

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            Monthly Wrap-Up: January

            Posted January 23rd, 2013

            We’ve had so much fun this January, and we have plenty in store for the upcoming year. Thanks to you – we’ve kicked off 2013 with a bang! Click through this gallery for some of our highlights, favorites days, and just plain old good times we have around the market. Hope to see you around very soon!


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              Abbey Road

              Posted January 17th, 2013
              Join us Sunday, January 27th at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles for a day to celebrate all things Beatles related. Some fantastic vendors have joined forces to create a day of arts and crafts in tribute to the legendary band. Make-and-take crafts will be taught by several of our talented artists. Take a photo in our Beatles photo booth and don’t miss a FREE live performance by Abbey Road at 3pm. Beatles trivia contests will be held for free tickets to “In My Life – Musical Theatre Tribute to the Beatles” playing at the Warner Grand on February 23. If you’re feeling hungry, The Grilled Cheese Truck will be on hand to serve up their famous grilled cheese sandwiches from 11:30-4pm. Free Parking, free admission, don’t miss out on all the fun!


              Make-and-Take Schedule:

              “All You Need is Love” Key Chain or Purse Charm with Belandaria Designs
              Hand- stamp beads to create a fun 60’s memorabilia.

              1-2pm, $5, in our Creation Station

              All you need are LOVE beads with Peggy from Nagare
              Create a 22” long glass bead necklace

              2-3pm, $5, in our Creation Station

              Make your own Beatles mask, 3:30pm-6pm, in our Creation Station

              More Updates Daily!

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                January Food Trucks

                Posted January 17th, 2013

                Love food trucks? So do we! Here’s our yummy lineup of trucks for the month of January and into February. We offer free parking and fantastic shopping as well as live music most weekends. See you soon!

                Friday, January 18th

                Reuben Truck………………………… 11-4pm

                Saturday, January 19th

                Trailer Park truck………………….11:30-4pm

                Sunday, January 20th 

                Moe Egg Rolls & Deli………………11:30-4pm

                Friday, January 25th

                Gringos Tacos………………..,………11-4pm

                Saturday, January 26th

                El Burger Luchador………………..11:30-4pm

                Sunday, January 27th

                The Grilled Cheese Truck  ………. 11:30-4pm

                Friday, February 1st

                G’s taco spot ………………………….11-4pm

                Saturday, February 2nd

                Reuben Truck ……………11:30-4pm

                Sunday, February 3rd

                Romolo’s Italian Cuisine ……………11:30-4pm

                Interested in bringing your food truck to CRAFTED? Email us at:! We are located at 110 E. 22nd St. San Pedro, CA 90731 and open every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday from 11am-6pm.

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                  10 minute – DIY Mug & Teacup Cozy

                  Posted January 16th, 2013

                  In celebration of National Hot Tea Month, we are making teacup and mug cozies to keep your hands warm and the tea piping hot! It’s takes less than ten minutes!

                  Using materials found around your home, follow these simple instructions to make an adorable tea cozy!

                  For this project, you will need:
                  Two sheets of felt
                  A ruler
                  3 pieces of Yarn (about 15″)
                  A pair of scissors
                  Decorative felt or material (simple shapes like hearts, circles, or butterflies are best)
                  A button (or in our case, a googly eye)
                  Embroidery floss or colorful thread
                  A needle


                  Follow the step-by-step instructions within this photo gallery to make an adorable mug cozy in 10 minuts or less!



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                    Success Stories: Lindsay, Dawn & Meredith

                    Posted January 16th, 2013

                    As a part of CRAFTED, artists are given the opportunity to grow their personal business, and expand that business through collaboration. This week we are featuring three fantastic artists: Lindsay of Wood Brain, Dawn of Seadrift Soul and Meredith of meriebabie. Dawn has joined forces with Lindsay and Meredith to expand their market stall at CRAFTED. Their newly remodeled booth made its debut last weekend. This energetic trio sat down with us for an interview about their goals, aspirations, and collaboration. Read all about it below.

                    Can you introduce yourselves?

                    Dawn: I am Dawn of Seadrift Soul.

                    Lindsay: I am Lindsay Zuelich of Wood Brain.

                    Merideth: I’m Meredith Harbuck of meriebabie.

                    Have you always been a crafter, how did this come about and what do you do?

                    D: I don’t know if “crafter” is the right word for me, but I am into doing crafts.  I am an artist, and I don’t think that’s something you have a choice to do. I got my first camera when I was nine, and,  I starting doing jewelry around the same age…I’ve dabbled in other arts and crafts but those are the two that have always stuck, for me.

                    L: I was raised by a single father so my dad was always really adamant that I had to know how to use tools and how to put them all back in the right order.  And later on he ended up being my tool helper. I have just always been into woodworking, building things, and designing things – constructing and using my hands.

                    M: My mom was a seamstress. I mean she worked full time but, she, at home, made all my prom dresses. I was in the furniture industry and we had leather scraps. I was a faux finisher and a painter, and I ended up making a mistake one day, I spilled some paint on leather, and it never came off. I’m like, wow, let’s take some leather from work, and maybe mom can sew a bag, and I’ll start painting them, for my friends, and for myself. It sort of escalated more and more people remarked on them, and I just got all this reinforcement…I always worked with my hands and it was just like, sort of, all these different forces came together and I ended up in the handbag industry.

                    How did you decide you wanted to do a business with your art?

                    M: Who has time to work on your art if it’s not your business? That’s the thing. That’s where time is really the most precious, for everyone, always.

                    D: I definitely have a lot of support from my family – I think that helps. [It’s the] same as Meredith and Lindsay. It’s interesting how well the three of us click together, has a lot to do with the dynamic and aspect of it. My mom is an artist, she was my art teacher in school growing up, and super supportive of anything in that vicinity.

                    L: They help you with that push. For me the biggest thing was I wanted to be my own boss. I worked as an artist for other people, for multiple years, and it got to the point where I wanted to run my own business and be my own boss. I want to schedule my own hours, my own product and how I’m gonna brand it, how I’m gonna go about selling it, the integrity that goes behind it…I want that to all fall back on me and not working for somebody else.

                    How did you hear about CRAFTED? How did that come about?

                    M: I used to live on 7th Street, in a loft, that showed for first Thursday, here in San Pedro. And I was like “Gosh we’re not getting enough foot traffic”. And Lindsay was showing her work in my space and her finance’s work in my space. These people came up to me and said, “Your stuff needs to be at CRAFTED. You need to look this up.” And I looked it up and signed up as fast as I could.

                    L: She was actually the fourth person to sign a lease, this was before any paint had been put on the walls, before any of the booths had been built.  She had already signed a lease saying, “This is something I want to do.”  We realized it was probably a smart idea for us to run partnership for us splitting time, money, and space-wise, so she was how I found out about CRAFTED, how I got in with the partnership as well.

                    M: Yeah we investigated it separately. I begged her to be my partner. Because I was [smiles] pregnant.

                    L: It wasn’t much of twisting my arm though.

                    M: Then we were lucky enough to meet Dawn!

                    D: I saw the first Sunset Magazine article; it was a three page spread, about CRAFTED being open… My intention, with my business, was to have a freestanding, brink and mortar, and is still my intention. I’d like to stay at CRAFTED and continue to grow my business to that point, which is why I have a curated booth. It has always been my intention to have a little shop. So with that said I thought that this was a great way to get my feet wet again. … I was fortunate enough to have Lindsay and Meredith as neighbors on a personal level and a professional level which is huge! You can have one without the other and it doesn’t work, and that has allowed us to start brainstorming about what we wanted collectively, for our businesses, for CRAFTED, none of us want to go anywhere, because we are here for the long haul.

                    You met Dawn through CRAFTED, how has your relationship helped develop your business, individually?

                    L: I can say for myself, just enjoying this endeavor, I’ve learned a lot about product supply, where to outsource different things. I didn’t know about certain places in downtown LA to go to. And just by working with other people who are using similar products…or know of that product because they’ve seen it through looking for their supplies making their own product. So that’s just helped me a lot. Even just learning business skills, even before starting CRAFTED…I didn’t have a seller’s permit a business license, I didn’t have any of that – they require that here. I’m learning from other people, “Oh go here to get that business license,” or “I went here to do that.” That has helped me take myself from hobby to business, I’ve learned that from working with two other professional artists.

                    D: Thank you.

                    Are you guys gonna try and make different things now, or incorporate each other’s work and expand  your own art? 

                    M: [Yes], it’s gonna allow us to expand on a lot of fronts. I think that’s really important, you can get worn down if you’re just by yourself, at home sometimes. It’s always great to have other people that are doing similar things, to encourage you. I think that’s a really big part of being at CRAFTED. You have all these people that do very different items than you do, but are very similar in nature. I think it’s really important to support each other. It’s been a great experience in that sense. It’s always the same. You are involved in some consistency, which is nice. It allows you to be more free with your creative energy…you can depend on that.

                    L: I think I’ve been able to grow with my product at CRAFTED is just seeing the clientele that comes through and gauging what things actually work well, and people have even asked, “Do you make this product?”… I’ll make sure that I write that idea down and I’ll start adding those ideas to my line and I notice those things start to sell. It’s the response I get from seeing the everyday foot traffic, and you don’t necessarily get that with a festival, because you’re not guaranteed you’ll get the same spot again, or get that same round of people that come through. Here we get a lot of the same clientele that will come through, repeat customers; I’ve even got a lot of special orders, which is huge for my growth, in that sense.

                    D: The more we’re all working together. The more crazy ideas we’re gonna have. I think that’s gonna be a good thing. I know we all inspire each other. Since I do my own photoshoots and have for my products. What I would like to do this month, cause I have a photoshoot I’m doing for a couple of wholesale people. [They] came in because of CRAFTED, so thank you CRAFTED, again, a positive of CRAFTED, is to be able to incorporate their products in the shoot. That way, we’re kind of branding our business, the three of us together.  We can use that for our marketing, here at CRAFTED, because we kind of are three halves of a whole.

                    Good luck! So, finally, what’s your funnest, best, or weirdest CRAFTED memory? 

                    D: [Smiles] Can we divulge our funnest CRAFTED memory?

                    M: What was that thing you had to make for that one…

                    D & L: Oh! Rhino Stories!

                    D: That is my favorite!

                    L: I get a lot of, basically, specialty orders, what we now classify as “rhino projects”. People come in with some odd wood thing and ask if I can either fix it, embellish it, change it, alter it of some sort, and being me, I pretty much say yes to everything! Because I love being challenged and things like that, so this lady came in with this rhino. It was made out of like, ebony, one solid heavy wood piece, but it had a broken ear. The ear was missing! She wanted me to make a second ear. How could I say no? So I was like….I can’t make you the identical but why don’t I make two new ears, we’ll pop this one out, make two new ones, so I made her two new ears. I wasn’t here the day she came to pick it up.

                    M: I was here!

                    L: Meredith! I said I needed a picture of this lady! So I get a lot of that! So now we call [special orders] the “rhino projects”!

                    I want a rhino ear headband!

                    M: That might be our collaboration! [laughs]

                    There ya go!


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