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Have ya ever started something and told yourself you’d get back to it later or when you have time? But neither later nor that time ever really came around. Pottery’s my ‘later’ that’s been a dream come true and my time is now. I’ve always wanted a blank canvas to create from like folks who paint and draw. For many years such artistic endeavors eluded me – until college. I had a six-hour break between photography classes and the lab tech suggested I take a ceramics class. “Why?” I asked as if it was his first day on Earth. “It’s below us on the ground floor” was his reply. GREAT! Things were movin’ along ok in ceramic class until we transitioned from hand building to the potter’s wheel. After making my first cylinder on the wheel, I knew I’d found my blank canvas. I was involved with music, photography and working part-time at a photography store all at the same time. So, I finished the class and thought I’d get back to it later. 20 years later I did get back to it.
During my beginning pottery class in college, Part 2, I watched some more advanced classmates making bowls. BOWLS!!!! I wanna make BOWLS!!! Nope. That lesson comes much later in the semester and in my life. Fate smiled upon me and those same classmates helped me make my first bowl during open lab the following day. I FELL IN LOVE! It is that same love, creativity and passion I share with you as Bowls Are ForGiving here at Crafted. :-)

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