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CRAFTED Handmade Holiday Tip #2

Posted October 29th, 2015

Halloween is here and the “Fall Back” time change happens this weekend. Soon we’ll be breaking out our favorite sweaters (hopefully!) and figuring out who’s hosting Thanksgiving – which means that the holidays are just around the corner. CRAFTED is here to help you get ahead of the holidays and give the best gifts ever. While holiday gift giving isn’t a competition, we can help make sure it’s no contest either.

Keep it Personal
Our second handmade holiday tip definitely is to keep your recipient in mind. Everyone appreciates a gifts that’s tailor-made to their liking. That’s why you can never go wrong with a customized gift. Nothing is more personal than a present made by hand and not mass produced in a factory.

CRAFTED has some great shops that specialize in custom gifts. Check them out and start thinking about how you can get personal this holiday season.

Gems Forever

The “gems” in Gems Forever are the precious people in your life and the memories you make together. Send your photos to Erinn and she embeds them into mother of pearl beads or pendants that you can give to your favorite memory maker. She can make a bracelet from pictures of everything from your favorite trip to a beloved¬†team. The possibilities are endless and it’ll be a gift that’s sure to please!


Framing by Steve at San Pedro Art Association

Steve has been a framing artist for decades. From your favorite refrigerator masterpiece to a family portrait or a special heirloom, framing can make your gift gallery-ready. Visit Steve in the San Pedro Art Association shop.


One-of-a-Kind Machine Quilting

One-of-a-Kind Machine Quilting¬†shop owner Linda Curry can do just about anything with a sewing machine, including make some of the nicest quilts around. She also specializes in all kinds of creations to beautify your life, from wall hangings to bags, totes, table runners, napkins and gift items. Come down to CRAFTED and talk to Linda about the person or holiday you’re celebrating, and she’ll help create a statement piece for you.

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