Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles

Crafty Operation

This is us.
Michelle and Aiden, Mama and baby.
Together we make crochet toys.
I create the toys, but the real star is Aiden. He’s the one in charge of making sure each toy is safe, secured, and baby/kid approved. He also inspires, models, and markets our products.
Although we have lots of fun making things together, this is not our hobby. Our little 10 X 10 stall is our story. It is our life, our food, our clothes, and our roof. It is one mom with a baby believing that with a little faith, hope, and love everything will be fine.
Most importantly we want to let you know that every single smile, hello, encouraging word, and purchase we get does not go unrecognized. We are grateful, and honestly we wouldn’t be here without you in the first place. So, really, to everyone that support small shops and handmade, thank you so very much.
And please stop by…even if it’s just to say hi!
Tell your friends!