Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles


We are tea enthusiasts that aim to share what we call “the way of tea” with as many people as possible.  Settling here in Orange County, California we have seen the growing demand for a healthier lifestyle that includes high-quality tea. Why not? Tea is internally calming with benefits that go beyond the expectations of the average beverage.
So you might ask, why Epiphany?  For starters, an epiphany by definition is the perception of the essential nature or meaning of something.  We provide a variety of quality teas that it is not based solely on taste, even though that is an essential characteristic.  Quality tea must have enticing aromas, well-defined textures, and a harmonious color to uplift one’s senses.  We want our customers to experience the best tea possible that will provide that warm and exhilarating awakening, your own epiphany. Find a new revelation in your life, experience Epiphany Tea.   
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