Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles

Intentional Illumination

At Intentional Illumination, We’re not only making divinely scented soy candles, we’re changing lives – one candle at a time! We’ve prayerfully selected 31 premium fragrance blends and essential oils to create purposeful aromas that trigger senses to ignite the soul. Each candle is carefully handcrafted from organic, GMO-free soybean, natural beeswax wicks, hand-poured with heart, blessed with intention and packaged with love. Our candles are dye-free and do not contain any added chemicals, thus burning longer and cleaner.

Your personal experience with Intentional Illumination is sure to leave an impression impacting a lifetime. Igniting purpose and intention… We are on a mission! 10% of our profits are donated to help STOP domestic violence, as well as rescue and rehabilitate victims of Human Trafficking. Please join us in illuminating our world by making the kind of difference in a purchase that matters most.

Annette Van Dyck is the Founder, CEO and Chief Chandler of Intentional Illumination Soy Candle Collections. While pouring candles in her kitchen and blessing them for the coming birth of her granddaughter, Annette received the vision of a prosperous, forthcoming Candle business. Stepping-out in faith, she launched her business one year later… and the destiny of Intentional Illumination was born!

“Burn with intent to ignite spiritual, emotional & physical wellbeing.”


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