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Live Music: Brandon Laws and OS nOVoS TrEeS

Posted December 6th, 2012

DJ Brandon Laws

Brandon Laws is a local musician/artist/sound enthusiast who has lived and worked in Long Beach for the past 20 years. He has played in bands, recorded in studios, engineered for live sound, and collected instruments and music from many styles and era’s.  As a DJ, he pulls from his personal vinyl collection to play sets that ranges from classic soul, early rock & roll, jazz, reggae, and world music to sound bites from movie soundtracks, children’s records, and other found nostalgia. His love and influence for rare, eclectic music keep him searching for new and great sounds to share with the public.

When: Friday, December 7

Time: 5PM-8PM

Where: The Demonstration Area

Price: FREE



Os Novos Trees was formed Oct 2009 by guitarist Demetrius “Dennis” Wilson. After many years of playing and recording different styles of music, and growing up in Los Angeles where many cultures of music is accessible, there was one particular type of music that drew Os Novos Trees in: Brazilian Samba/ Bossa Nova and it’s Afro Roots. Os Novos Trees is a conglomerate of American and Brazilian musicians playing original arrangements of Brazil’s finest. The core of Os Novos Trees is Demetrius Dennis Wilson on guitar and Morena Marina Santos on vocals and pandeiro. Morena Marina Santos delivers a natural vocal style and soulful pandeiro rhythms which makes the band uniquely enchanting.

When: Saturday, December 8

Time: 2PM-5:30PM

Where: The Demonstration Area

Price: FREE


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