Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles

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Posted June 12th, 2016



We are thrilled to have on exhibit an CRAFTED selected works by Cynthia Minet, Unsustainable Creatures.  Each life-size sculpture is made from post-consumer plastics, PVC and LEDs.

The elephant shown above is the largest of the sculptures commissioned by the LA Dept. of Cultural Affairs and the Los Angeles World Airports for a solo installation in the Tom Bradley International Terminal, April-September 2013.  Tour around the market to find Camel, Ox and the Pack Dogs.

Cynthia Minet’s sculptures, drawings and installations stem from her interests in scientific and ecological issues. Made from translucent post-consumer plastics and LEDS, her work often prompts viewers to ponder the complicated roles that plastics, consumer culture, and electricity play in our lives. She constructs anatomically accurate life-scale domesticated animals, and intends them as surrogates for humans, presenting human nature via the animal.

Cynthia Minet was born in New Jersey, raised in Rome, Italy, and is based in Los Angeles. She holds an MFA in Sculpture from San Francisco State University, and a BA from UC Santa Barbara. Currently a professor at Moorpark College in Southern California, she has also taught in Rome, Italy and in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Her artwork has been presented in solo shows in Southern California at USC, UC Riverside, and CSUN, as well as a solo installation in the Los Angeles International Airport. In addition to group shows nationally, Minet has presented her work internationally in Italy, Israel, Denmark, and Belarus. Features and reviews have appeared on The Discovery Channel(Canada), Wired Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, KCET ArtBound, Artillery Magazine, FORM Magazine, the Anchorage Daily News, RAI Television, (Italy), The Huffington Post and on numerous websites.

Her next major project is a commissioned solo installation for the International Museum of Art and Science in McAllen, TX, forthcoming in March 2018.



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