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Success Stories: Honey & Ollie

Posted January 30th, 2013

As a part of CRAFTED, artists are given the opportunity to grow their personal business, and expand that business through collaboration. This week we are featuring Rain Hannah of Honey & Ollie. Honey & Ollie will lauch the Six Bad Cats Bead Bar in early February. The newly remodeled booth made its debut earlier this yearRain sat down with us for an interview about her bead bar and other projects. Read all about it below.

Can you please introduce yourself?

Rain: I’m Rain Hannah of Honey & Ollie, and Six Bad Cats Beads.

How did Honey&Ollie start?

R: Honey&Ollie was the name of my knitting blog, before I was a jeweler. Named after my cats. I took a class from Delia [of Phoenix Magyk] who is another CRAFTED artist. I walked out of her class and just had this moment of, “This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.” So I started taking jewelry making classes and six months later I was showing at a local art show, I had an etsy shop, it snowballed very quickly.

So you started out with your etsy shop, how did you get to CRAFTED?

R: Yes, I started out with my etsy shop. I then started doing art shows…and I saw an ad for CRAFTED. I was the 11th person to get in. My file in the office is 011 – so I was the 11th person! Which is cool, I think I get cookies or something! It was so interesting waiting for CRAFTED to open, I was still doing shows, and working on the website, and WAITING for this to come to fruition, because it’s a game changer. It’s really transformed the whole scope of my business.

So can you tell us a little bit about your business?

R: I make artisan jewelry with sterling gemstones and different mixed media components.

How did the bead bar come about?

We’ve always wanted to open a little charm bar at the Renaissance festival. I told [CRAFTED] my dream about opening a little charm bar. They let me create this little synergy of retail space. Which is kind of my life dream come true. I’ve always wanted to have a store with art supplies. It’s gonna be all the things that I love, handmade, artisan quality, available for people to buy!

Tell us a little bit about your brand new bead bar?

R: I’m very excited about this. Basically, there are a lot of shops that sell beads that are made in Japan, that are made in China, and mass produced all over the world.  Our bead store is a little different, we’re focusing on artisan made beads, by small artist studios. So about 70% of our stock is going to be handmade art beads, toggles, we’ll have some supplies but for the most part it will be handmade.

Will customers will be able to make their own projects?

R: We’re opening just with the bead bar, but by mid February we’re hoping to have some maker space, with tools, and a work bar. You can buy a kit with instructions [and a space] where you can sit down and make it right here. We’ll teach you procedures and jewelry techniques. We have a whole bunch of local artists who will come in and teach classes with their own special twist on things. We’ve got some good stuff coming up.

 How can people get more information about Honey&Ollie and Six Bad Cats? 

R: You can always visit my blog which is We’re also listed on the CRAFTED website. But the BEST way is to come on down and strike up a conversation about what we’ve got going on!



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