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Take Five with Alexandra Fowler of Indust-Realized

Posted November 12th, 2015

CRAFTED is always buzzing with activity, so “TAKE FIVE” gives us a chance to take a break and learn a little bit about the artists who make the market great!

Indust-Realized is a shop curated by Alexandra Fowler. Currently she features her jewelry line “Of Wings & Ore”, the “Fowler’s Stark” collection of lighting, smart phone docking stations and functional metal display pieces, custom metal fabrication orders by John Baker, and puppets, functional artwork and sculptures by artist Brandy Wisenant, as well as her children’s educational and practical purpose line “Coco’s Kids.”



1. Hi Alex! Do you remember your earliest creative memory?
I’ve always been creative…painting, drawing, sculpting, etc. I also grew up watching Jacques Cousteau and always wanted to learn about the water.

2. How did you come up with the name “Indust-Realized”?
I live in a loft in Downtown Los Angeles. Living in a vintage building circa 1904 has forced me to seek industrial styled decor. I’ve helped John (my fabricator) with his metal fabrication business for a few years now. As projects for John and his kids to work on together, I came up with lamps made from hubcaps, license plates, and drive shafts, and also docking stations made from vintage aerospace pieces. Indust-Realized was the term for my industrial designs coming to life, or being realized. The store is that on a larger scale: it’s my designs realized.

3. Where do you find the products for your shop?
I have very artistic friends and acquaintances. Most the items I’ve designed, but I’m currently recruiting more artists. Growing up my mother would bring us to our favorite store in San Pedro, “The Sea.” I was heavily influenced by their one-of-a-kind items. Everything was sea-themed, with shells, museum pieces, antiques, and specimens. I wanted my store to emulate that.

4. Some of your products are vintage with modern uses. What draws you to a vintage piece?
Its engineering. I can see where it came from, who made it. That ads history and character. What metal is it made of? Does it have an appealing color or patina? I love showcasing pieces from the early 1900’s up to the 70’s. The work that went into these electronics is just impressive. They just don’t make stuff like it anymore.

5. What inspires you the most?
Nature, Need and the Sea. Natural things always put me in a state of wonder. I love to incorporate things found in nature and highlight them, especially things people pass over or don’t usually notice. Most of my electronics and metal pieces were born from necessity, or Need. If it doesn’t exist or we needed a cool light, I used what we had to make one. And last but not least, the Sea. I grew up by it, on it, in it. I love bringing the things I love out to be enjoyed.

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