Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles

Take Five with Kathy Fordiani from A Little Shabby…A Little Chic

Posted November 25th, 2015

CRAFTED is always buzzing with activity, so “TAKE FIVE” gives us a chance to take a break and learn a little bit about the artists who make the market great!

1. How did you get into refurbishing furniture?
I initially learned to refurbish my own furniture when moving into a new house. My husband’s job requires us to move frequently. I quickly learned that I could paint my existing furniture to go in the new home for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

2. What is one of your favorite projects?
I painted a little girl’s headboard and dresser that was a hand-me-down set from her older brother. She picked the colors and also asked me to paint some flowers and butterflies on the bed, too.

3. Do you also do special order projects?
Yes! I make “house calls.” I can pick up the furniture and work on it in my studio. I can also work in a client’s home if a piece is large, like an armoire.

4. What’s your favorite part about what you create?
I love the dramatic ‘before and after’ that I get to see in my work. It’s also “anything goes,” so I can paint anything any color. It’s fun to see how some things turn out completely different than I envision before I start.

5. You also make custom pillows and signs with fun and meaningful sayings on them. What is the most interesting message you’ve been asked to use?

I’ve had two interesting requests: one for a custom pillow and another for a wooden sign. Both clients gave me photos of the sayings from a tattoo! Using the photos I was able to recreate the saying on a pillow. These were special projects, one commemorating a father who’d passed away and another to celebrate a mom who’s a cancer survivor. I never thought pillows or signs would be so significant! Working on those two projects made me feel lucky to be able to do what I do.

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