Diva Beads

Jewelry designed to enhance a woman’s natural beauty!

Using only the finest materials from around the globe, Tish Pollack creates unique jewelry utilizing beads, semi-precious and precious stones and a variety of metals. Each piece is an original work of art.  Browse from five main collections:

Jewelry incorporating shells, pearls, and mermaid or fish motifs – Tish’s signature collection

Funky Fun
Stylish on-trend pieces incorporating vintage items and some bling

Intricate hand-woven pieces made from Japanese seed beads and Swarovski crystals in luscious, vibrant colors

Ethnic Flair
Bold, attention-grabbing and worldly pieces with spectacular pendants

Perfect pieces with a little extra shine for holidays and special occasions

Tish also teaches classes and is a published author.  Her book “The Essential Guide to Epic Jewelry Design” debuted at #1 in it’s category on Amazon.


I’ve loved jewelry for as long as I can remember! Let’s find the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love!

Tish Pollack

Owner and Designer, Diva Beads