Mesoamerica Textile

Mesoamerica Textile offers artisanal textiles from Mexico, Central & South America.

The ancient Latin American societies – Aztecs, Mayans and Incans – each expressed their environment, morals and overall way of life through their clothing.  Fabrics, dyes and the way patterns were stitched reflected regional and cultural differences between towns or tribes.   Mirna is keeping ancient customs alive by bringing you hand-loomed, sewn and stitched clothing and accessories as well as a limited selection of machine-made items.


“I’ve always felt attracted to the traditional clothing and customs of the Maya.  My father was a descendent of Quiche, San Cristobal Totonicapan in Guatemala.  I’ve always loved dressing in typical indigenous clothing, with their textile patterns and beautiful colorful expressions.  I am committed to buying from true artisans who make their living selling their handmade creations.  It is my dream to someday create a foundation for women and child artisans in Central America.”

Mirna Liseth Paiz, Owner