Paradise Preserves

Because jelly makes you happy!
All Paradise Preserves jams, jellies, preserves and marmalade are made in small batches in San Pedro, California, using seasonal fruits and vegetables from Southern California growers.

Think outside the sandwich!
A dozen flavors of Paradise Preserves jams and jellies come with a recipe card so you get more bang for your buck! It’s not just for your toast – these preserves make excellent marinades, salad dressings and more…

See more in the store…
Paradise Preserves ships jams, jellies and marmalades anywhere in the continental U.S. In the store at CRAFTED you can find our seasonal bests, like preserved Meyer lemons, spicy dilly beans, tuscan tapenade and brownies!


I make preserves seasonally and get most of my produce from small family farmers and certified backyard growers. They give me produce and I give them back a portion of what I make. I produce about 40 flavors throughout the year with about half of those available all year long… we’re so blessed to live in California where so much wonderful produce is available!

Carey McMillan

Owner, Paradise Preserves