Zia Finds

Our global mercantile offers authentic, original clothing and gifts. We share with you that passion for conscious living, and that’s why our designs and finds are all ethically produced by artisans, vintage or repurposed.

That means everything we offer is local, whether it’s Los Angeles, Nepal, Mexico, Japan, or India. Our designers and artisans work in their communities, not in anonymous factories. They’re fairly compensated, and their earnings stay in their communities. The pride of their communities goes into their work. Like you, we’re determined to be part of the solution, not the problem. Period. Offer authentic, quality apparel and goods, at reasonable prices, always.



Zia Finds is the result of my experiences and my passion for exploring and uncovering cool things. Off-the-beaten-path or under my nose, I never know what will catch my eye or spark my imagination. I love sourcing and sharing my finds with you.

Donna Humphrey